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ArmA3 - Exile - PVP Lythium - Community Standards

These are the Community Standards for NFG Gaming's ArmA3 - Exile - PVP Lythium Server

Updated Changes will be marked in Red


MODERATORS: Non-Admin capabilities, only KICK and BAN players:
NFG Nick, NFG SuperJew, NFG Maj. Mack11, NFG ScreenTalker, NFG Jack Amstel, NFG Sady

PLEASE NOTE: This is a highly modified game with several mods, scripts, and addons. It comes with its own set of problems, bugs, and glitches. Some things we have control over and other things we do not.

If you lose gear or vehicles you may be compensated by filling out a Support Ticket and select the ArmA3 - PVP - COMP from the Department Drop Down and fill out your COMP Request accordingly. Requests for compensation are handled on a case by case basis, and are not guaranteed. Please provide photos or videos when requesting compensation.



The Senior Admin reserves the right to make changes to the standards and rules at any time and to remove or add content on the Server.


Fines will be imposed at Admin discretion for violation of any of these rules and may result in

Loss of tabs, gear, bases, and the offending player being made an example out of !!! Its nothing



  • • You understand that failure to report any breach in the standards and rules of the Server of another player makes you just as responsible as the offender. You will file a Player Report via our Player Report Forum


  • • You will not exploit, duplicate, abuse errors, glitch, hack any mechanism on the Server. EVERYTHING IS LOGGED, you will be caught!!!


  • • You will report any exploitation, dupes, errors, glitches, hacking and/or general Arma/Exile/module bugs encountered on the Server to our website via our Support Forums. You will file a Player Report via our Player Report Forum. DO NOT waste our time, only report if you have video/picture evidence. False reports and lying will result in bans!!!


  • • Know how the game works and understand the rules of the Server.


  • • Do not attempt to dupe or abuse the system. When caught, you will be banned and reported to Valve as a VAC Ban.


  • • NFG stands for No Fucks Given. But that does not mean we will tolerate callow behavior, sexism, racism or prejudice in our Server, Forum, Discord or any other NFG outlet.




  • • Do not argue with Admins or NFG moderators in chat.


  • • If you are given instructions by an Admin or Mod, it is strongly suggested you do as instructed.


  • • Do not inject yourself into a problem that does not pertain directly to you. It will make the matter worse.


  • • Let the Admins and Mods deal with problems on the Server. Do not try to interject yourself into a situation.


  • • Remember -- Infistar logs all texts and may automatically kick/ban players for text in-game.


  • • If a non-Admin/Mod NFG member communicates instructions to you, take it as a hint that they understand the Community Standards and General Rules of the server better than you.


  • • If you have a legitimate concern, then please voice your opinion in our Forums in the Public Disscussion Area and address it to @Chamberlain.G directly.


  • • You will not use the outside of the map to build bases, travel, or land air vehicles. When caught, you WILL be banned and your base deleted.


  • • Ignorance is no excuse.



  • • Minimum Distance to build Territories: 2500 Meters from the Center of Trader Zones; 325 Meters from the Flags of other bases; 800 Meters from the Center of Spawn Zones or Waste traders; and at least 250 Meters away from any of the Mosques. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE!


  • • Mosques are shown as black boxes when viewing from the map. Mosques are high loot zones and building in them will cause loot to stop spawning in.


  • • When placing a base, understand that the loot spawn rules apply to every area of the map; once a base flag has been set, loot will not spawn in that area.


  • • Flags will not be glitched/clipped into other items such as building walls, safes or the ground where they can not be stolen.


  • • Flags are to be protected with “Fair Play” in mind. “Fair Play” pertains to protecting your flag behind doors, walls or any other DESTRUCTIBLE items. The destructible items list can be found HERE


  • • No building on Roads, in Gas stations, on Runways, in Mosques, in Weed Farms, within the radius designated on Ghost Valley, and no Sky Bases. Bases found in violation of this rule will be DELETED WITHOUT COMPENSATION.


  • • You are allowed to build in Military Areas and you can build over roads as long as it is at least 2 walls in height and traffic can pass freely along the road.


  • NO PERMANENT ROADBLOCKS, vehicles can be used to block traffic.




  • We will not reset deleted bases for failure to pay protection fees, If you are going to be away for an extended period of time then notify a server admin so we can whitelist your base until you return.


  • • Territory Names such as "Server will Restart" will be immediately DELETED WITHOUT COMPENSATION.


  • • It will be left to the Senior Game Server Admin’s discretion whether bases found in violation will be deleted and if compensation is given.


  • • Buildings and/or towers will not be stacked onto other buildings or towers.


  • • A maximum of only 3 layers of walls or floors can be used to secure or protect a flag directly around the flag pole. Outer perimeter walls do not count against this.

    • •Walls can be stacked four high from ground or two high from on top a building or tower.


    • • Platforms from buildings or towers will not extend beyond one floor.


    • •"Big Shed" cover will not be used as lateral shields unless used as walls touching the ground."Big Shed" covers may be used as roofing if posts are on the ground or below four wall limit.






    • Do not kamikaze other players with Aircraft. Ground vehicles will not be used to ram other ground vehicles. If you violate these rules then you will be fined 100K plus 4 times the amount of the vehicle you rammed to pay for compensation to the affected player.


    • • Do not ram vehicles or run over players in the Safe Zone at Traders.


    • • Do not exploit tow/attach Ammo trucks, Repair trucks, or Fuel trucks to Vehicles for the purpose of automatic replenish of assets. It's a Arma glitch and is unfair game play.


    • • Do not follow players back to their bases from Trader zones.


    • • Do not camp, engage, run players over, or place explosives in Trader Areas. Repeated Safe Zone Trader camping will not be tolerated and you will be fined 200k, repeated violations will result in a Ban.


    • • Do not loiter in Traders, get your stuff and move out. The Traders are busy places and when players congregate in the Traders it leads to other problems including Server FPS drop, arguments, trolling, etc.


    • • Vehicles parked in safe zone are unlocked upon restart and may be deleted or up for grabs by other players.


    • • Once you are in the trader zone you are safe, once you leave it then its open game. Its PVP so deal with it.


    • • If you run and hide in a trader to get away from a fight and the attacker calls you a bitch or a coward then deal with it. Life isn't fair and this is just a game. Either run with the big dogs or stay your puppy ass on the porch.


    • • Stealing is allowed during game play OUTSIDE OF THE SAFE ZONE! Otherwise within Safe Zone, if it doesn't belong to you do not touch it.


    • If a player steals a vehicle outside the safe zone and takes it to the trader to sell, then the vehicle belongs to the person in the drivers slot. Hitching a ride in the vehicle to grieve them from selling it once they arrive in the safe zone will not be tolerated and is considered trolling which will result in removal of that player from the server.


    • UAV pilots must be outside of safe zones when flying UAVs. UAVs will not be used to laser guide munitions from ground vehicles, the reason for this is because players will hide inside bases and make kills up to 8km away without having direct fire line of sight of the target. View distance is only 2500 meters on the server. If this is abused then the UAVs will be removed from the server. Don't be the player that screws this up for the rest of the community!!! Fines will be imposed at Admin discretion for violation of this rule!!!


    • Player will not call for artillery while in the safety of the traderzone.





    This Server is PVP which stands for Player Versus Player, killing of players is encouraged. Nobody wants to put up with whiners, squeakers, trolls or immature players. Just play the game. If you want to chat with other players do so in group, private messenger or direct chat when next to the player.

    • • If you act like a fool you will be treated as a fool and shown the door to free up a slot for a mature player!!!


    • • If a Player is camping a mission or your body after you are killed, accept it. It is all part of PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER.


    • SHIT TALKING IS ALLOWED, But know your audience before doing so! There is a fine line between shit talking and being a salty asshole, crybaby or just outright toxic. If you are instructed to take it to private messenger, do so. If you can't comprehend this, are unable to control your emotions, and take things personal then we suggest you find a safe space PVE server.


    • • Do not trash talk the Server, you WILL be banned!


    • • Displaying lengthy frustrations in chat will lead to nothing, except showing everybody how immature you are.


    • Do not recruit for other Servers, Clans, or MILSIM Units. Do not advertise websites or promotional offers.


    • • PVP in Spawn Zones is acceptable.


    • • Any threats made against Admins, Players, or attempts made to hack/attack our Servers or our Website will be forwarded to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center(IC3), player's ISP, and the player's local law enforcement agency along with the offending players info, IP address, and any photo/video evidence as a it constitutes a violation of 18 U.S.C. 875(c).


    • • If you have an issue with an Admin, Moderator or NFG Clan member treating you unfairly, then report it via the Support Ticket System. on our website. Please provide legitimate evidence, and Chamberlain.G will look into the issue and take action as necessary. NFG members are not beyond reprimand.



    Failure to comply with these standards and rules will result in the following possible actions:

    •  1)   Warning
    •  2)   Kick from Server
    •  3)   Temp Ban from Server
    •  4)   Perm Ban

    Bans require a Ban Appeal be submitted via the Ban Appeal Forum on our website. All bans will be reviewed and discussed by the Admin Team and the Mod Team.



    • BANS WILL ONLY BE HANDLED VIA THE ABOVE LISTED METHOD. Have a cool head, most bans are temporary and overturned quickly. Temporary Bans give the player time to cool down and allow the Admin and Mod Teams time to collect pertinent information.


    • • Sometimes a player gets kicked/banned to stop a situation from going bad to worse. Just stay cool and post an appeal via the Ban Appeal Forum. Adjudication and will come shortly. It's nothing personal, it's just business.


    • • We spend a lot of time and money to host this Server. If you feel the need to break the rules, cause trouble, or just be immature you will be removed from the Server.


    • • Arguing will result in an immediate kick with no questions asked. If continued it will be escalated to a ban so the player can calm down. DO NOT interupt the admin when he is talking it will only make the situation worse and is a sign of disrespect and will result in an immediate ban.


    • • Players with Infistar Bans may find themselves unable to connect to the Server, we dont want hackers or cheaters on our servers.


    • • If you have an Infistar Ban, will need to send a PM on our Forums to @Chamberlain.G to provide answers to some pertinent questions that will be invesitgated before you can be white-listed and allowed access to the Server. Lying or Failure to provide information will result in no access granted.


    • • Infistar bans are investigated and reported to Infistar for adjudication.

    If you have any suggestions for changes to be made on the servers, its as easy as posting to the Suggestion Box. There are no problems accommodating players as long as they ask properly and do not demand special treatment.



    If this your first time playing exile please dont bug the shit out of other players. Go to Exile Mod's website, Google, or watch some youtube videos on how the game is played. It is fine to ask questions just dont spam them!

    To build a base you must purchase a territory flag from the office in any trader zone. When you purchase a territory you get a flag pole that you can place anywhere you choose considering the rules. DO NOT place flagpole base inside of objects where it cant be stolen, it will be deleted by an admin.

    To use Virtual Garage "VG" a territory is needed. To access the garage use the XM8 VG App. Admins are not responsible for and will not replace vehicles not stored in the garage.

    Vehicles parked on floors or near other objects will explode, sometimes even on unlevel ground. This is an Exile bug that has been around forever. Please do not ask for replacements.

    Bases are deleted from the database every 7 days if you do not pay your protection fee. If your base is gone then your protection fees were not paid on time. Admins will not replace bases if they protection was not paid on time.

    Vehicles delete every 72 hours if not used, vehicles stored in VG are protected from this rule.

    VG storage is based on territory level. 5 for level 1, 3 slots for each additional level added.

    If you need help with a issue/unruly player then join our TS and ask an Admin or NFG Member for help, DO NOT POKE THEM, just join the channel they are in, or send a chat message.

    Video or picture evidence is needed to ban disruptive players, post video/screenshots in our forums

    You earn 450 tabs in Wages every 15 minutes when not in your base or a safezone, make sure to deposit before restart or you lose it.

    You can Hack, Grind, and Lockpick doors, vehicles, safes, and flags. Watch out for safes rigged with satchel charges. Mine detectors are your best friend when raiding bases. Make sure to scan with a mine detector before breaking into safes. The stronger the door the longer it takes to open.

    Artillery is available for a fee, Beware that your position will be given away on the map for a few seconds when you call it in. Its Based on respect and tabs in your locker. The cheaper it is, the less accurate!

    Apoc Air drop vehicles are non persistent. You can call for airdrops every 5 minutes. Its based off respect and tabs in your locker, you can claim the vehicles with a code lock. You can also get a fuel and Duct tape drop if you are stranded.

    Defibs are not required on this server, you have a total of 3 revives before having to respawn.

    Knives are needed to Harvest weed, and to break into vehicles.

    Most everything on the server is destructable, bullets go through mud huts and destroy buildings and walls. Some bridges can be demolished with satchels at their base.

    We use respect based loadouts for respawn.

    Halo chute can be cut away by pressing Shift+Alt+V. Chutes auto open at 30 meters if you jump from air vehicles. Minimun distance to parachute is 100 meters

    Laptops can be used to hack Virtual Garage, it will mark the location on the map for all players to see. 5 players need to be online, 10 minutes to complete 1 hack, maximum of 5 hacks allowed per base per restart.

    If you have question or want to see something changed on the server then fill out a support ticket, We are here to make your experience enjoyable.

    All Admin actions require a trouble ticket, visit our website to fill one out, they are read everyday, be patient. Tickets are used as a record of player and admin actions. Post video or picture proof along with ingame name or UID to speed up the process

    We do not condone or support terrorism or terroristic acts, Use of terrorist names and groups is purely for gameplay and ambience.

    Have fun and remember its just a game, Arma and mods together may induce problems, and things can be replaced! Thanks for playing at NFG GAMING and enjoy your stay!

    Apr 6, 2018
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